Welcome to Access Church!



Come as you are and we know you’ll see and sense a church that is stoked to have you. We have a place for someone at all stages of life to fit in and feel comfortable. Our Sunday service is at 10am at Lisa J Mails Elementry School. We’ll have some fresh coffee for you when you arrive so no need for that Starbucks run!! We have ministries for all ages of kids (newborn through high school) and an adult service that will definitely inspire you and practically equip you for life. 




We all have core beliefs that we live by and help to form our priorities and passions. Here are some of our core beliefs that shape us as a church.


It’s all about Jesus: We believe that Jesus was full human (not a ghost or spirit) and also fully God (without sin and a part of the trinity) born of a supernatural experience where his mom Mary was impregnated not by man but by the Spirit of God. Because of this, Jesus life and words carry way more weight than any human being in history. We also believe that Jesus died on the cross, rose again three days later, and lives today. Because of this, we can have a real and vibrant relationship with Him.


The Bible rules: We believe the bible is supernaturally written by God through men and it is the most fascinating, true, and powerful book in the world. It also gives us a clear understanding of who we are as people, who God is, and how we can have eternal and meaningful life. 


All people need Jesus: We are all born with something called a sin nature. Basically, we are naturally inclined to rebel against God even though He desires what’s best. So, what are the consequences of our sin, if it isn’t dealt with? Well, we can’t have a relationship with God now or forever. Though this is a hard truth, we believe it because Jesus clearly states it. So what do we do? The bible gives us clear steps. Confess our rebelliousness to Jesus, ask for forgiveness and turn our life (mindset, priorities, habits, purpose, etc..) over to Him to lead us. When this happens we are forgiven, God then gives us his Spirit (Holy Spirit) to help us live out all that God has for us. 


Church for everyone: There is nothing like a church focused on following Jesus and injecting the world with His love and message of hope. Jesus works through His church (not “our” church) to accomplish this. When all people who follow Jesus get behind this, you have a powerful community and movement of faith, hope and love. Jesus established churches through his early disciples and that continues today. So being a part of a church is never optional with God, but essential to Him and for us. 


Jesus is coming back: This world as we know it will be different when Jesus comes back to establish Himself clearly and eternally as God. Since Satan (a rebellious angel who left heaven) is behind the evil in our world, Jesus has clearly stated when He comes back Satan will be banished away from this world and all who entrusted their lives to Him will live forever in a world without sin, sorrow and brokenness. This gives us hope that no matter what we go through in this life, the one to come will be epic. So faithfulness to God is always worth it!!


We are a church that thrives off of everyone getting plugged in. We have over 80% of our church in a small group called Connection Groups that meets one night each week. We also have over 80% of our church that serves in a ministry on Sunday morning using their skills and abilities to make a difference. We encourage you to not only attend but belong at Access. Finding a ministry to serve in and jumping in a Connection Group is your best way to do that.

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